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How much does a real jade bracelet cost?

A question commonly asked by many people who are interested in jade is how much does a real jade bracelet cost?

This is a good question , and it depends of variety of factors, for example:

  • It's color, for example if its green jade, white jade, or black jade
  • Patterns, does it have broken patterns or unified looking patterns?
  • Visible cracks, best jades have minimum cracks and defects.
  • Transparency, how transparet is it?
  • Smoothness, when you touch it, does it feel smooth or rough?
Jade Bracelet


And many other factors, morst expensive jade bracelets can even range up to thousands of dollars, most common price range is $35 up to $90, but it all depends on your preferences, and what you think looks best on your wrist.

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