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How much is a jade bracelet?

Many people wonder how much is a jade bracelet, the answer varies based on elements such as:

Color: Jade bracelets are most commonly available in green and white colors, but other variations such as pink, purple, yellow or black also do exist, we also have an article on jade bracelet color meaning.

Visible patterns: does it have a unified and beautiful pattern or is the pattern broken and disordered?

Defects: one of the most important elements in determining the value of a  jade bracelet is if the final work is free of any kind of any flaw, and it has a smooth surface.

Details: additional handcraft details on the jade bracelet such as carvings and if it has embedded silver or gold parts. 

Jade Bracelet

Depending on above elements a jade bracelet's price can vary between $35-$95, hundreds of dollars, or even up to thousands of dollars per bracelet.


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