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Jade bracelet color meaning

Jade is natrually formed in many colors such as green, white, pink, purple, yellow, black.
Here is a list of jade bracelet color meaning:


Green Jade Bracelet
  • Green jade bracelet meaning: represents safety, protection and harmony, this is also the most commonly worn and well known kind of jade bracelets, it is common for most men use dark green beaded bracelets.


White Jade Bracelet
  • White jade bracelet meaning:  clean, flawless, integrity and devotion, this kind of bracelet can also have deeper meanings depending on the patterns which are seen inside the jade itself.


  • Pink jade bracelet meaning: this kind of bracelet is usually worn by girls and women and it represents soft hearted and caring personality, and most commonly in a bangle form.


  • Purple jade bracelet meaning: noble and graceful, capable but at the same time low profile.


  • Yellow jade bracelet meaning: it represents vitality, confidence and extrovert personality.


  • Black jade bracelet meaning: Determined and steady, this kind of bracelet is mostly seen worn by men, person with a kind heart and capable of protecting themselves, and those who they care about.

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